quixotic tilting and nothing else to see

Month: December, 2015

reasons, not delusions, make people vulnerable to manipulation; people can find all sorts of reasons to do wrong things; but right things are feelings, empathies, and usually have no reasons at all; the right things are impractical, useless, idealistic, and child-like.
a brainless magazine with brainy quotes said they normally pick a boring story and try to find art for it, but this time they found pretty art and picked boring stories to match.
Oh, and I read a hikikomori story a while ago, it was offensive and stupid; it implied the bullied were psychopaths, that the fragile and sensitive lacked connectivity and were good for war.
there was never a problem with wives and weak princesses or knights or rescues, but why can’t a boy be a princess? the new catholicism, in their fear of the devil, thinks we have to ruin the story to solve all the wrong problems.