quixotic tilting and nothing else to see

Month: January, 2017

there are days i don’t ever want to sleep, when the sight comes down and the moment is holy
there’s too much value involved in relationships, to their ruin, and there is something affectionate about the thought of arranged marriage; at least then, I suppose, there is no illusion.
and all I’ve ever wanted is safety and disorder
and what cruelties have we imposed on one another? what rumors, what assumptions, what deceptions? I remember my surprise at all the petty betrayals; but I had nothing to say for friends or myself, because the treason, the loss, was such a shock, that correction seemed almost meaningless in comparison.
all these lives on the planet; and what kind of adulthood were we giving to all these children? are we still animals, rolling the dice on survival?
there’s a kind of intimacy about brutality, and so I say love could use a little more brutality, a little more power
ah but some pictures are necessary for their own sake; we must be superfluous, or risk becoming inhuman.
I like a little honesty; I can love a demon, but I hate all these monsters with plastic-smile masks; let me see the fire, hate, love, rage, lust, lust, hunger, desire or at least something more than all this etiquette.