quixotic tilting and nothing else to see

Tag: society

I don’t mean to seem a pantheist in the padded-wall sense; but the idea is, for me, like an interface with existence, and for centuries it seems people have been cutting out interface elements, saying: this interface fails to give us completely accurate results, therefore we must cut it; and they cut and cut and cut until people are so totally isolated from the world, locked in their own heads, that they are forced to follow a kind of social circuit-path, and when they get to the switch they say yes or no, zero or one, and move as directed.
but we live in a strange world, where some stranger grows our food, and some stranger makes our meals, and some strangers built our homes and made our toys and taught our children to be very industrious strangers
there are so many acceptable ways to shame the way people are, but is shame the right choice?